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Jed Warren's birth story
Born to Mike & Kristina

On Friday, January 20th, I woke up with some light bloody show that continued throughout the day, almost making me think my water might be leaking ever so slightly. I was crampy throughout the night and was excited when I saw the bloody show! It was day 8 after 40 weeks and I was getting anxious to meet my precious baby, even though I knew baby would come when he/she was ready. I texted Dorothy the news and proceeded with my normal day starting with making breakfast. I had some older sourdough bread that needed to be used and wanted to make some French Toast for Finnley as he loves everything sourdough. After breakfast, Finnley and I went outside to get the mail from the day before as I wanted to walk and move around. It was lightly snowing out and Finnley got his shovel to shovel the lane and back while we walked. We came inside and got a little snack before heading back outside with Mike for a walk in the woods. It was an absolutely gorgeous day for January. Finnley grabbed his pop gun and so did Mike. We went searching for some bunnies and saw two, but no good shot (Finnley got a couple pretend bunnies!). We came back inside, ate lunch, rested, made cookie dough, and drank chocolate milk. I did the Miles Circuit while Mike was making some chicken soup for supper. We ate and then baked our cookies from before. I felt a contraction about 1930. I went to bed around 2200.

On Saturday, January 21st, my contractions started around midnight or 0100. They were not regular and I continued to sleep through the night and woke up about 0700 with a bigger contraction and decided to get up. I texted Dorothy with the update and she let me know another mama was also in labor. This did not make me nervous, as I knew everything would work out the way it was meant to be. I had been putting off making sourdough bread the whole week expecting baby’s birthday anyday. So I decided to mix some sourdough bread up while Finnley and Mike were still sleeping, knowing (and hoping) the moment I actually do something, baby will probably decide to come. They woke up shortly after. I made some breakfast and headed outside to get Friday’s mail and do chores. It was another beautiful day, but just a tad colder than the day before. Finnley stayed inside with Mike. I came inside and sat on my birthing ball to grade papers and tests while Finnley played. I was discouraged as the contractions had stopped from earlier. After grading papers, it was late morning and I did have a few contractions
here and there before lunch.

We had a later lunch and then Mike suggested we all go for another walk in the woods. I did not want to push the stroller this time as it was pretty hard in the mud. Finnley and Mike left their guns home so Mike could push the stroller. We headed back on the trail to the stream by the bridge. I was having mild contractions during our walk and starting timing them around 1530 when we were back in the house. I had a text from Dorothy when I got back and I decided to call her to update her on my progress. I was so glad I did as she gave me so much reassurance about all the doubts I had of labor not speeding up. I laid down for a nap for about 30 mins before waking to another contraction. I was so cold when I woke so I decided to take a warm shower and that seemed to help the contractions along. I was having contractions that were 2 minutes apart, but as soon as I made it to the living area (where Mike and Finnley were), they were spaced out again 5-10 minutes apart. During supper, I had a few contractions that I had to stand up for.

I tried playing with Finnley through the contractions after we ate and explaining to him his baby sibling may be coming soon while Mike was blowing up the birthing pool in the bedroom. Finnley was pretty wound up when bedtime came as it was later than usual and I was not really able to help with his nighttime routine. Mike laid with him and read him stories. He was so tired! I knelt beside him with my head by his head and hoped he would fall asleep before another contraction came. He was out in 30 seconds and another wave hit. Mike stayed in bed with him.


I left Finnley’s room and decided I wanted to start setting up my room for a cozy atmosphere. I lit my homemade candles and set them around the room. I put on some music and started the Miles Circuit as Dorothy had recommended. During the side lying portion of the circuit, I got some rest and the contractions slowed. I got up to move around to see if they would come back; birthing ball, lunges, squats, etc. It was my goal to keep moving during and in between contractions to allow baby to descend down. The contractions seemed good so I went to rest again in the side lying position of the Miles Circuit, but they slowed, again. I was able to get some rest until a big wave hit at 2340. I walked into the kitchen as I was afraid of waking Mike and Finnley. The next four were about 4-7 minutes apart. Around midnight they came in fast, about 2 minutes apart. Mike woke around 0010 and came to check on me. He said he would goback and lay with Finnley so Finnley wouldn't wake. I told him I needed him to go start filling the pool. I sent Dorothy a text at 0010 with the updated contractions and called her at 0017 when I was forsure. She said she was on her way and would be there around 0055.

I headed into the bedroom to hold the hose while Mike turned on the water to fill the pool. Contractions were getting closer together between 1-3 minutes apart ranging from 30 sec to 1:15 minutes. The pool was almost filled and I was leaning over my dresser and swaying and moaning with each surge. The next one made me yell Michael’s name as I could feel baby very low with lots of pressure. Dorothy came. I moved slightly over to make room and the next onewas the same - lots of pressure. I breathed into and down with it. As that was happening, Dorothy put a big pad under me. I decided to get into the pool after that contraction at 0100. The water felt good and it slowed my contractions. Mike joined me poolside. I wasn't sure if the water slowed them or if it was the little rest some mama’s say they get before the pushing starts. The contractions started up again after the little rest. About 0130, I asked Dorothy if she could tell if I was in transition or if I still had a ways to go. She said she didn’t know. My next contraction was like the other two before I got into the birthing pool. I recognized them and then knew baby was
so close. It felt best to breathe into and breathe down to help baby out. As I was breathing down, my water broke and I yelled “water!” They came beside me as I kept breathing baby down. I continued to breathe baby down and blew out to help relax and not move too fast. I reached down and felt baby’s head, but brought my hands right back up as I needed to be holding and squeezing Mike’s hands to help me. At 0151 Dorothy could see baby’s head. I tried so hard to be gentle, breathing baby down as I did not want to tear. I was sweating so much in the warm water. I could feel baby come and go and knew that was a good thing. Dorothy reminded me to blow, which I felt helped me not to push too much and let my body do its job. At 0157 baby crowned and head was out, pushing through the stinging of the ring of fire. Waiting for the next contraction felt like eternity. When it came, I tried to push baby out. This felt harder than it should have been. Baby’s cord was wrapped twice around the neck prohibiting proper rotation. Dorothy helped rotate baby’s shoulder and at 0200 baby was born. Dorothy unwrapped the cord twice and passed baby through my legs. I brought baby to my chest and I held my precious baby for a few minutes before lifting baby’s leg for Mike to announce the gender. We had another BOY!

Shortly after, I had help getting out of the pool and onto my bed. Baby was already rooting and trying to nurse and we got covered up with some blankets. We were having trouble latching at first, but eventually got it!! After the placenta was birthed 40 minutes later, Mike cut the cord. I was on cloud nine, watching Dorothy and my birth attendants taking care of me and my new
baby. Finnley had woken and Mike showed Finnley his baby brother before putting him back to bed. Mike and I decided on Jed Warren later that afternoon. Jed meaning “Beloved of God” or “Friend of God” and Warren after Mike’s late Grandpa Warren Mier.

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