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Serving mothers and babies in Oceana County, Michigan

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Genesis Midwifery Core Values

1. I fear God and believe that He establishes and leads me as a midwife, and that I am called by God to serve women and their families so that the name of our Lord Jesus will be glorified through the work of my hands. 

2. I acknowledge the Lord God as the Creator and Sustainer of all life, and strive to honor and support the life of each one created in His image, from conception onward. 

3. I acknowledge the power of prayer in the physical and spiritual realm, and utilize it alongside the physical knowledge, skills, and tools that God has provided. 

4. Our midwives, students, and assistants seek excellence in evidence-based, individualized, family-centered care that is characterized by love, grace, and compassion.

5. We seek personal growth by regular participation in continuing education, skills practice, and peer review. We practice humility by acknowledging our limitations in knowledge, skill, or experience.

6. We honor informed choice regarding care provider, place of birth, and all aspects of care. We recognize parents as the God-ordained, best care providers and decision makers for their children, and we prioritize educating and supporting parents in this role. We encourage active participation by clients in all decisions pertaining to their care.

7. We seek to multiply our work through training students and providing opportunities for their education and growth. 


8. We seek sustainability in midwifery through established boundaries and regular time off call. 

Core Values
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