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About me


I first considered becoming a midwife when I was 14 and volunteering as a candystriper on the postpartum unit of our local hospital. I began reading about and studying midwifery and sitting in on prenatal appointments and childbirth classes when I was 16. In 2007 I attended the home birth of a friend from church and the next year I married my (home-born!) husband and started apprenticing as a student midwife at Full Circle Midwifery.


Over the next 7 years I studied and attended births and became a mama myself, having my first 3 babies during that time. In 2014 I completed the required studies and clinical experience and took the exam to become a Certified Professional Midwife through the North American Registry of Midwives. I received my State of Michigan midwife license in 2019.  I’m grateful to continue to practice with the amazing team at Full Circle as well as owning Genesis Midwifery.

I believe that birth is a normal, wonderful event and should be cherished and respected as something beautiful and holy. I trust birth because I trust in the God Who created mothers and babies and perfectly designed each detail of their bodies and the pregnancy and birth process. I stand in awe of His glory as Creator and Giver of Life every time I see the miracle of birth, of life, of babies breathing their first breath, of women becoming mamas and of families growing richer with new life.

My husband, Noah, and I have 5 beautiful, home-born daughters: Amy, Sylvia, Kate, Megan, and Heidi. My life is full of wonder and blessing being a wife, homeschool mama, and midwife.

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