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Client Reviews

"Dorothy and her assistants were amazing to work with through pregnancy, labor and postpartum. Answered our questions well, thoughtfully gave her opinion when asked, very knowledgeable and patient. She provided resources and ideas for multiple things. I particularly valued the help she gave with nursing. She noticed ties in my daughter’s mouth and recommended a pediatric dentist (where she had her tongue, lip and cheek tie revisions) and a lactation consultant (who provided great tips for after the revision). I loved the fact that some of the postpartum visits were at my home and she kept in touch following up with Molly’s nursing. We valued her faith and prayers throughout. We loved having her as our midwife and referred her to our friends who will be having their first home birth too. We had such a great experience overall and looking forward to more homebirth babies in the future."


"Dorothy and her whole team were amazing during my pregnancy, birth and postpartum. After working with two other midwives during past pregnancies, I was blown away by Dorothy’s attention to detail and organizational skills. I loved having a detailed record of my pregnancy, labor and birth. My latest birth was a bit chaotic and Dorothy’s calm and gentle spirit were a welcome support for both my husband and myself. The postpartum care I received from Dorothy and her team was exceptional. They cleaned up, made up my bed, brought me juice and even started the laundry before leaving me to rest and snuggle my baby.  I highly recommend Genesis Midwifery to anyone looking for more personalized care than is the usual standard."


"I have been blessed to have six beautiful children, three born in hospitals with standard OBGYN care, and three born at home. This was my second home birth with Dorothy as my wonderful midwife! She delivered my son, Elias, in 2020 and our 6th child, Gabriella, in 2022! I couldn't be more thankful for her knowledge, expertise and professionalism! She is very knowledgeable about diet and whole body care to support a healthy pregnancy, which was very important to me! She answered questions and provided natural solutions that no OBGYN ever knew to give as well as using wisdom to do bloodwork when needed (a service she provided to save me time!). She also knew when to direct me to additional help if needed. I had a subchorionic hematoma during my last pregnancy, and she guided me through it BEAUTIFULLY! I got additional ultrasounds, and Dorothy professionally monitored everything, answered every question I had and guided me through that scary time! She has also provided AMAZING post partum care (far beyond any OBGYN care I've had), coming to my home to monitor baby and my health. So encouraging to a new momma trying to get into the groove of things and heal. One of the most important things I appreciate about Dorothy's midwifery care is her heart for children. When she cared for my babies following their births, she was so sweet and gentle with them. It was evident that she loves children and loves what she does! Other experiences I've had in the hospital made me feel like just a number in line, but Dorothy has provided such a personal, caring experience! I'm so thankful I was led to Genesis Midwifery, and I highly recommend Dorothy! From a momma of 6!"


"Dorothy goes above and beyond to provide care for you while pregnant and during your birth. She patiently answered my hundreds of questions during my pregnancy and postpartum. Dorothy caught both of my babies and saved my son's life by being quick to see something was wrong. We are so thankful for her and how encouraging she was during labor. I couldn't imagine giving birth without her!"


"Dorothy has been by my side through all 5 of my children's births. There's no better, more authentic, or supportive care than what I've received from her. With Dorothy, you can be confident in not only her incredible knowledge of all things birth, but also her personal investment and care."


"My last birth was super fast and Dorothy got there just in time to coach me through when I needed her encouragement most. She has such a calm, encouraging presence and it was just what I needed in those super intense moments before our son Joshua was born. I’m so glad we chose to work with her."


"Dorothy helped with the birth of our 2nd and 3rd daughter! She is very patient, gentle, kind and helpful. She told us everything that we want to know more information. We do like her better than any midwives. Dorothy did clean up and asked me anything I need when I rested from give birth. I am blessed she took care of me well. She is very helpful to my husband when my husband tried to deliver our third daughter for the first time."


"Dorothy is so patient and loving. I trusted her when I was rushed by ambulance to the hospital with my twins. Her intuition and faith are an amazing combination! However, she can also get down to business when needed. She advocated for me and made me feel heard. I would recommend her 100%!!"


"I am very grateful for the kind, caring, patient, and professional midwives! They made such an amazing team with helping us bring our lovely child into this world! I just loved having my baby at home in my own space where I could relax and be cared for so well! I definitely felt like the midwives always had the best in mind for me! I was able to make my own decisions on how I wanted things done with myself and the baby which was wonderful! My husband and I truly thank the Lord for such a lovely beautiful blessing of a son and such an amazing birth experience at our home!"


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